gemstone energy medicine

WITH nirmoha

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These sessions are designed to open the body and mind to the different therapeutic qualities of gemstone energy medicine. What makes a gemstone therapeutic is its medicinal property, and what determines that is quality.

You'll focus inward to manifest your intentions using these tools. As you're guided into a deep meditation while lying down, different gemstones are placed on your body. We will track the felt sense of each transmission, and you'll learn how to absorb and embody the powerful frequencies of these gems.

The color, shape, clarity and candescence of each gem will penetrate its purity deeply into the DNA of your cells, and deliver the exact dose that you require.

Nirmoha uses non-invasive touch to support the transmission, along with the fundamental skills of presence and stillness to help deepen your process and promote profound healing.

$85 USD | 1.100.000 IDR | 75 minutes
$208 USD | 2.700.000 IDR | 3 Sessions ( 75 Minutes+2x60 Minutes )



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