Teacher Trainings

200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified

Are you ready for a change?
Do you want to become a yoga teacher, or to simply deepen your practice?

The Radiantly Alive Level I Yoga Teacher Training is a true immersion into the world of Vinyasa Yoga. It’s 26 days of breath and flow, of Bali and her magic of learning and growth and of meeting friends who will become family. You will experience what it’s like to stand in front of a room and powerfully lead bodies and minds in a tradition that dates back thousands of years. You’ll absorb first hand what it’s like to be part of a thriving studio that teaches to over 200 people daily. You’ll learn the art of asana, anatomy, philosophy, public speaking and more, all from a group of expert international faculty. You will become an exceptional yoga teacher. After this deep experience of connecting to mind, body and Bali your life will never feel the same again.

Is now the time to change your future?

Upcoming Dates

August 7 – September 2 | 2017
November 6 – December 2 | 2017
January 15 – February 10 | 2018



journey to a new you


Ready to reconnect with yourself, feel inspired and welcome a renewed YOU?! Join Radiantly Alive as we immerse ourselves in the ancient practices of yoga, meditation, chanting, mindful eating, purification, and more.


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Daily Classes

Each visit to Radiantly Alive will shower you with powerful monthly themes such as love, cleansing and gratitude. Be uplifted and shift your perspective every time you step onto a mat at Radiantly Alive.

Unlimited class memberships provide daily opportunities for increasing your radiance. Join over 55 open-level yoga and movement classes a week with world-class teachers in a heart-centred community.


At Radiantly Alive we are interested in the most powerful and direct way to heal and restore your Radiance. We’ve brought together an incredible team of therapists from various modalities who deliver palpable and powerful results. From modern to traditional, our guideline is what works.