PRANIC Acupuncture

With Ketut Yoga

Ketut Yoga offers this unique therapy, which integrates the wisdom of East and West healing techniques.

Prana means ‘life force’. The principle of Pranic Healing is that physical ailments and illness first appear as energetic disruptions in the auric body, before resulting in physical discomfort. Yoga assesses the body’s pranic vibration, diagnosing any imbalance observed.

This energetic healing is blended with Acupuncture, the Chinese system of needle penetration. Ketut transfers energy through the needle to the body to restore balance and health.

For trauma clearing, general imbalance, or physical ailments such as headache, digestive discomfort, stress related disease and immune and circulatory depletion.

$65 USD  |  850.000 IDR  |  60 minutes


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