balinese healing package

With Ketut Yoga

This is a unique therapeutic experience that works with both the subtle energetic system, and physical body for holistic healing. 

Ketut will begin with 15 minutes of pranic healing to rebalance the aura and harmonize chi in the body. This enables the life force (prana and chi) to flow more freely through your whole being.

Acupuncture will then release any energy blocks that show up physically in the body’s meridians (energy enters) for the next 45 minutes. This involves the specific placement of small needles gently into the body.

Ketut will then end and integrate with his signature 60 minute healing massage. His intuitive touch will soothe muscular tension and promote circulation to enable freedom and lightness through the body. You will leave with a deep feeling of balance and harmony in your whole being. 

$90 USD  |  1.290.000 IDR  |  120 minutes

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Please call our reception to make an appointment at

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You can pay for your treatment at reception or through PayPal and bring the receipt with you to your appointment.