• What styles of yoga classes do you offer?

    See the full list of the wide range of class styles and levels (something for everyone) by clicking here.

  • I am new to yoga. Where should I start?

    In order to begin the practice of yoga, we must all start somewhere. What a better time than now? Being a beginner can be a delightfully filled with new experiences, insights and possibilities.

    You can see our full list of yoga class descriptions to decide what most interests you. If you’re still not sure, why not try an Iyengar class, which focuses on safe yoga alignment, or a restorative class to gently ease any tension away.

  • Do I need to book in advance to join a class?

    You can buy your class pass online, or just come to our front desk and get yours there. See our prices here

  • Do you provide yoga mats?

    Yes, we use the best quality Manduka yoga mats and props, for your enjoyment!

  • What do I need to bring or do before a class?

    We recommend not eating anything heavy for at least 2 hours before joining a class.

    Keep hydrated before and after class. Minimize drinking during classes.

    Wear comfortable clothing that allows for both movement and no wardrobe malfunctions.

  • How do I get to the Radiantly Alive studio?

    We are located on the same road, approximately 100 meters away from the Ubud Post Office (Kantor Post) and Bali Buda Café. Both places are well known to local drivers and hotels. Click here to go to Google Maps.

  • Do you have private classes?

    Yes. Click here to learn more. One hour Privates can be booked in advanced through the front desk.

    Who is it for? Privates can be arranged for one-on-one, couples or small groups. Whether you’re brand new to yoga and needing some individualized direction, an advanced practitioner looking to enhance your practice or a small group wanting a fun personalized experience, we offer private sessions with a teacher who can accommodate your specific needs and requests.

  • Can I bring kids with me?

    Most of our classes are designed for adults though older kids (approximately 12 and up) mature enough to participate in a 90 min. class may also find great benefit and are welcome. We do not have childcare facilities.

  • What do you offer apart from yoga classes?

    We also offer a host of other class styles from Kids Yoga, Salsa, Qigong, Roll & Release, special workshops including Transformational Breathing and holistic therapies.

  • Are there discounts for groups?

    We are delighted to host your group or retreat for movement classes, special events or workshops at special group discounts. Please contact us to inquire about special pricing for any of our schedule classes or events, or to inquire about custom programs.

  • Do you offer accommodation?

    We don’t offer accommodations though there is a plethora of options available in Ubud. For our teacher training we've compiled a list of options. Feel free to have a look at that list by clicking here.

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