Hi, I'm Jasmine.

I’m so excited that you are considering taking your Yoga Teacher Training in Stockholm with us!

My husband, Rafael and I, pour our hearts into making Radiantly Alive in Bali a true Yoga home for students and teachers visiting us from all over the world to experience this magical and ultimately yogic place. 

Ubud translates to healing, and it's the name of the town in Bali where we are located. It’s the cultural center of the island, known for being rich in traditions and rituals that create the perfect environment for people to reconnect with themselves and launch their own journey of transformation. 

Inspired by this way of life, we have created our offerings of Yoga experiences. The highlight of these are our Teacher Trainings, which have been around for over 10 years. During this time they have continuously evolved to become one of the top training experiences out there. It's what we like to do the most, as during these times we get closer to our students, and are able to dive deeper into Yoga and Philosophy together, to spark massive changes in their lives.  

Coming from Lima, Peru, Rafael and I are very familiar with the fast-paced, success-driven life that comes with living in big cities, following the expected route of achieving and working our way through diverse corporate jobs. When I started Yoga I was looking for a physical practice that could keep me in shape and allowed me to decompress from my daily responsibilities. The more I practiced, the more I realized that Yoga provided me with a sense of space and peace within myself that I previously didn’t touch upon - I wanted more of that, go deeper.

It wasn’t until after a trip to Bali and practicing at Radiantly Alive that everything changed. I found that Radiantly Alive Vinyasa was SO different to the one I had been practicing in the city... it had intention, deeper roots in philosophy, and a symbiotic dance between breath and movement that brought me back to presence in every single class. It blew my mind. Although I already knew this, I now experienced that Yoga is so much more than just a physical practice. As we delved into the different aspects of Yoga, a completely new world opened for me. Yoga became a go-to for grounding down, finding balance and, most importantly, connecting with myself beyond my body. I was hooked and felt my dharma was to support others on their own path.

Once I had this breakthrough, I felt the urge to share Yoga and its philosophy of life with as many people as possible, not only in Bali. So Stockholm is our first stop! Join us on this journey to unravel and explore the magic you have within, and connect with the true essence of Yoga. 

If you are thinking about coming… make the leap and do it. You will not regret it and what you gain will surpass any expectations. It is challenging, it is intense, and you will come out the other side stronger than you know and permanently transformed.


2019 | AUGUST 24 - SEPTEMBER 14

The experience

Imagine an experience of deeper movement, feeling, connection and flow. Imagine bringing all of your senses into your Yoga practice, moving from a space beyond just the shape of the posture, and embodying intention and meaning behind your movement... Imagine the feeling of being so synchronized with your body and breath, it's magic… And now imagine leading people's bodies and hearts from exactly that space through an inspired, challenging and powerful Yoga class. 

This training is happening in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden. Still we'll be taking elements of our Bali Yoga Teacher Training experiences to you. We'll offer the intentional aspect of ceremony and ritual that is so abundant on our island home, and in Yoga philosophy. You'll get a taste of this environment in order to 'escape the outside world', as you dive into an immersive one-month journey where you too will get to take time away from everyday life distractions. The energy of devotion, deeper meaning, and connection are essentials in our teacher trainings, and we infuse this flavor of Bali, where RA Vinyasa was birthed, into your own experience of our training in Sweden. 

The Balinese have taught us how to slow down, savor the simple moments, feel connected to others, and to nourish ourselves through actions that create peace of mind. These lessons mirror completely what a Yoga practice gives us. 

For those who already know that already know that you want to teach, our training not only focuses on practical and innovative ways of leading people through a class, but we also offer experiences which enable you to find your own voice and unique gifts as a teacher. Your personal experience in this training environment of deepening your practice and understanding Yoga's role in your own life, will allow the perfect platform to teach in an authentic and experienced way. 

Taking time out of your everyday responsibilities, and immersing yourself in the intensive nature of a one-month training will give you the space and time to really be in it. Not only will you feel present and perhaps more of an ability to really concentrate your energy on the training, it is also an experience for many people of deeply resting from routine, and perhaps even reassessing the direction and path they are on. 

Ultimately, our yoga is about our inner world, not the outer environment. Bringing this training to you, in your beautiful country filled with natural beauty, we sense that you'll be able to feel into the same sort of magic that we are taking with us from Bali. We invite you to touch upon your own inner world of beauty, peace and presence.


With our focus on intention through movement and Yoga philosophy, we deepen our breath, body, heart and soul connection.

Throughout the years, Radiantly Alive’s trainings have constantly evolved. All of us involved with the creation of this training have been through it ourselves. From the culmination of our experiences (and love of growth!) we have developed the most recent version of this YTT to be holistic and innovative.

>He lives most life whoever breathes most air.< Elizabeth Browning.jpg

The main question we asked ourselves is what makes an amazing Yoga teacher?

Is it someone who can balance on their fingertips while reciting Yoga philosophy? No. It’s someone who is REAL.

  • Someone who can hold space for others.

  • Who is vulnerable.

  • Who is authentic.

  • Someone who has gone DEEP within themselves so they can inspire others to go on the same journey.

Put simply, someone who has the fire within them to ignite their passion to make others shine. In Yoga, we call this ‘Tapas.



As you can imagine now, we are not just talking about deepening your practice or giving you the skills you need to teach, but also how to find that powerful sense of confidence in yourself, and what you have to share in this realm of Yoga. 

Our teachers have years of experience behind them in many styles of Yoga, allowing a well-rounded offering of understanding the principles of Yoga asana. You'll become more knowledgeable in:

  • Asana alignment for safe practice, creating strength and openness in your own, and other's bodies

  • Sequencing concepts for a fluid RA Vinyasa flow class

  • How to effectively cue to guide people's bodies with clear intention

  • Hands-on adjustments, modification options to offer classes to a wide range of people. 


Beyond the practicalities of teaching, we are also interested in the BIG stuff:

  • What your purpose and your unique offering to the world is.

  • How you value yourself as a teacher/leader/person

  • How you interact with others and connect more deeply in all relationships.

  • How you can use your Yoga Practice in a real way to continue to affect your experience of everyday life.

From here, all those revelations and discoveries will transform you to be the best version of yourself, the one you already know wants to radiate and you will use them to become an amazing RA Vinyasa teacher! You’ll never look at a Vinaysa Flow class the same way again.

Group hug sanna.jpeg

Finally, and just as important, you will make lifelong bonds that transcend friendship. You will become family for life. You will join our international family of Yoga trainee alumni from all over the world, and you will make friendships that support you in ways that are beyond everyday connection. 

You will join a community that extends far beyond the confines of your training and the studio to Radiantly Alive teachers and friends around the globe.


hear from our students

Our trainings affect people beyond their expectations. We can't tell you exactly what you'll take away from this experience - and we wouldn’t want to! The mystery is where the magic is, and that allows us to surprise even ourselves! What we do know is that transformation will happen. Whether it's physical, mental or energetic, things will shift, and you will feel what it's like to become a more radiant version of yourself.

But don't only take our word for it... hear from some of our students to learn just how powerful our Yoga Teacher Trainings are and click the video below.


We're bringing to you two of our most reputable teachers as part of our RA studio family to facilitate your experience. James and Sanna make a dynamic pair that is a beautiful balance of grounded stability, and uplifted energy. 

With their combined years of experience, love of constantly training and expanding their knowledge, and expertise in specific fields of Yoga and movement, they'll be offering their gifts to you to soak up and infuse into your own personal practice. Alongside this core duo is our very own Jasmine, who you heard from above. She brings with her a mindful and nourishing presence, and the learnings of her journey shaping Radiantly Alive to be the studio it is today. 


ra sannageoff 061.jpg

Sanna Devi Dasi

Hi, I’m Sanna,

I was one of Petri Raisanen’s first Ashtanga Yoga students in the early 90’s. In a small loft room of a dance studio in Helsinki, Finland, I practiced this ‘under-ground’ thing called ‘Ashtanga’, and for the next fifteen years I lived a disciplined, sweaty, and strict asana-based life under the glow of the charismatic Sri K. Patthabi Jois.

Patthabi Jois’ sad departure led eventually to the joyful discovery of Lama Marut, my wise and witty spiritual mentor who changed the course of my Yoga path towards the inner practices: meditation, pranayama and eastern spiritual thinking and philosophy. Lama Marut authorized me to teach Tibetan Heart Yoga – a form of Yoga developed secretly inside the Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. My teaching style is therefore not surprisingly firm on the asana side and soft in matters of the heart.

Sanna is a wonderful, experienced teacher and her class has a safe, accepting atmosphere. I feel like I can be just who I am and be exactly where I am in my practice... no need to pretend to be a “perfect yogi”. Sanna also has a great sense of humor and her jokes crack me up every time!

James Mattingley

Hi I’m James.

I’m originally from the most beautiful country on earth – New Zealand. I travelled for about 6 years before finding my home in Ubud, Bali.

I’ve trained and been inspired by so many incredible teachers in movement and Yoga: martial arts, Vinyasa, fascial exploration, Kirtan and much, much more.

I’m most passionate about teaching teachers. About cultivating our innate ability to express ourselves at the front of the room. To stand, speak and lead with depth, strength and authenticity – to teach Yoga as a practice of Yoga.

Each of us expressing our own gifts, from our own depth, can’t help but light others up.

James is a natural leader, and knows how to share a wealth of knowledge with ease and humor. He pushed us to empowerment and helped us embrace our individuality as teachers.

- Ana -


Jasmine Danino


Hi, my name is Jasmine.

I am originally from Lima, Peru, but now Bali is my new home.

My Yoga journey started several years ago in an attempt to find balance in my fast paced corporate life. Never did I imagine the transformation and beauty it could bring to my world. Yoga allowed me to listen to my intuition and cultivate presence within… and this is what I seek to transmit and share in every class.

I LOVE a challenging breath-led Vinyasa class. The fact that you can truly find presence and connection with movement is what brings me back on my mat and ignites my passion for teaching.

On the other hand, my other passion is Yin Yoga. Appreciating stillness wasn’t something that came easy for me but created deep shifts in my personal practice when I learnt the act of surrender. What I found was freedom.

I look forward to exploring and connecting with all of you. I believe that we are here to bring each other home. 

The level of teaching I have been exposed to has been out of this world. The authenticity of the teachers and their willingness to serve us has been a highlight for me. I feel connected with myself and the others around me. I feel clarity, love, and I am enjoying living with my intention, and being present and mindful in all aspects of my life. I want to go out and share this with the people around me at home. I feel at peace and I am so happy to have been able to do this. Thank you.

- Bec -

Curriculum 200-hr



This is a Vinyasa based training. 

Joining our Teacher Training, you will begin a lifelong journey with Radiantly Alive Vinyasa- a precise, breath-led style of practice that will profoundly change the way you practice, learn, and teach. If you haven't already, you will discover how to move the body with breath in a way that makes sense and just feeeeeeeeels good.

Most important: you’re going to put all these new skills and techniques into practice!

Your experience with us is not just technical and theoretical - there is whole lot of personal practice, hands on work-shopping, and even teaching your own sequences from the first week of training!

You will learn about the sequencing, anatomy and alignment required to teach RA Vinyasa, based on the principle of unifying breath and flow, along with the communication skills to lead people from the front of the room.

As you may already know, Yoga is often translated as 'union'. This can be seen and felt in the way that we ignite the connection of body, mind and soul through our practice. Beyond your asana experience in our physical practices, we will dive into Bhakti Yoga - the root of devotion and deeper meaning that anchors a sense of intention in our practice. This is where we move beyond the physical, and explore our inner worlds. Yoga philosophy, self-reflection, and transformational experience will all serve to spark this potent awareness of what more Yoga has to offer you, within you. 

>He lives most life whoever breathes most air.< Elizabeth Browning-2.jpg

At the heart of a Vinyasa Yoga practice, we are moved from our breathas our bodies experience the invisible forces of the air element that nourishes our cells, provides energy and expansion, allows movement and cleanses our being. 

Your breath is your life.

By deepening your personal practice, you’ll develop the strong foundations needed to take your practice to the next level and begin your journey to teaching - if that’s your desired direction.

At a glance, all this is part of the curriculum (and more):

  • Public Speaking

  • History of Yoga

  • Philosophy

  • Anatomy

  • Alignment

  • Assists and Adjustments

  • Powerful leadership

  • Pranayama & Meditation

  • Yoga Mythology

RYS logo.jpeg

The schedule will be different for each day, and each training, though below is what to expect on a typical day:

  • 07:00 - 09.00 | Sadhana (Meditation, Pranayama, Asana)

  • 09.00 - 10.30 | Breakfast Break

  • 10:30 - 12:00 | Teaching Lab

  • 12:15 - 13:00 | Anatomy

  • 13:00 - 14:30 | Lunch Break

  • 14:30 - 15:30 | Asana Lab

  • 15:45 - 17:45 | Philosophy

  • 19:00 - 20:30 | Special events (not every day)

This is an intensive style training, though we balance activity with rest. You’ll have all the room you need to learn, grow, breathe and flow. In this training, you’ll rekindle the flame of your spirit, find a more easeful flow in your life, breathe into a new beginning and ground down into your true self. This Yoga Teacher Training is Yoga Alliance certified.



Leading up to the training, to get “into the groove” write 300 words about the following 3 books and one video including your insights, thoughts and anything else you found valuable. 

  1. “The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You are” by Brene Brown Ph.D.

  2. “The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself" by Micheal A. Singer

  3. Ebook: ‘The Anatomy of Fascia’ by James Mattingley

  4. Ted Talk: ‘Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are’ by Amy Cuddy

All written reports need to be submitted two weeks prior to the start date of the training. If you are a last minute sign up, don't worry, you can send in the reports latest one month after the training has ended. These readings and the reports are required in order to receive your Yoga Alliance Certification.



  1. “A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted” by Will Bowen

  2. “The Science of Yoga” by William J. Broad

You will find all books at your local bookstore or online on Amazon, purchased at your own expense. The videos are found free online via the link, and the Ebook ‘The Anatomy of Fascia’ we will send to you, once you sign up for the training.

The Venue


For this training we are partnering up with our friends from YogaStyrka in beautiful Stockholm. 

In this stunning space, we will come together and move, sweat, learn and flow. This will be our Yoga home for this one-month period - a safe space to be yourself and immerse into this inspiring gift that is Yoga. 

Bildschirmfoto 2018-11-20 um 14.46.07.png
Bildschirmfoto 2018-11-20 um 14.46.57.png
Bildschirmfoto 2018-11-20 um 14.51.36.png



Your investment in this training is an investment in yourself. This is not simply ‘another training’. This will fully prepare you to teach RA Vinyasa yoga to a professional Level, to understand the basics of the history, philosophy and anatomy of yoga, and how to stand in your space and move minds and bodies. 

For the forward thinkers and planners: you get a discount! When you pay in full 6 months prior to your training, you'll get $500 USD off! Please contact us through the button below, if you have any questions.



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A life-long 10% Alumni Discount on yoga classes, workshops and therapies at Radiantly Alive.

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Full access to all cultural experiences within the training.

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A life-long 10% Alumni Discount on yoga classes, workshops and therapies at Radiantly Alive.

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Full access to all cultural experiences within the training.

Access to the RA Alumni Network.

Ongoing post-training support.

A life-long 10% Alumni Discount on yoga classes, workshops & therapies at Radiantly Alive.

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