Yoga Foundations with Pedro Salazar


Yoga Foundations with Pedro Salazar


2018 | June 8 | 12:45 - 15:45

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New to Yoga? Feel safe and guided.

Get ready to dive into the basics of Yoga by practicing the main asanas, pranayamas, bhandas, mudras and mantras - the principles of this ancient tradition. Discover how a yoga practice can benefit you in your everyday life to bring more joy, harmony and peace within.

You will be guided in a safe and nurturing environment so that you may experience the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of Yoga and feel more confident to start your personal journey to a higher quality of life.



Pedro teaches yoga with simplicity, joy and respect, encouraging his students to focus on the present moment. His holistic approach also delivers a deep experience of inner connection by the Energy Healing work he provides at the end of his sessions. This aids in the process of integration that Yoga brings to our lives. By combining flow, movement, and breath, he helps others to release tension and bring stillness to their minds.