Weekend Workshops with Aria & Gus

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Photoshoot Aria & Gus-035-2.jpeg

Weekend Workshops with Aria & Gus

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2020 | December 14 - 15 | 12:45 - 15:45 Daily

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WARRIOR FLOW | DECEMBER 14 | 12:45 - 15:45

Join Aria and Gus for a beautiful strong practice that reflects the movements of their own physical practices and personalities. This warrior class will build up foundational strength, boost your confidence, and teach you how to progress quickly into postures that you never thought possible.

We will combine a series of flexibility-focused postures to help us move into challenging inversions and deep back-bends with a new sense of ease. Don't be scared - no matter where you are in your practice you will see the progress after this flow.

The mantra that you need to adopt is 'I CAN'. We will have fun with advanced poses and transitions while seeking a higher level of focus and a new sense of mindfulness.


INVERTED TIPS & TRICKS! | DECEMBER 15 | 12:45 - 15:45

Getting upside down or inverted in your yoga practice can be full of freedom and fun, but it can also be intimidating. We will teach you how to get upside down and into other fun balance poses that you always dreamed to do, but didn't really know where to start.

We will also mix in a bit of partner work to create a connection between all the yogis in the room. This supportive practice is great for students new to the inversions, as well as for advanced practitioners looking to expand their skills and explore new approaches to the inverted asanas. Lets have fun and sweat together. All levels are welcome.



Aria is a musician, singer and yoga teacher. Her artistic journey brought her to yoga in early 2000. Being in the music and entertainment industry at a young age, she needed to find a balance to survive in the rollercoaster that is the music world. The day she discovered yoga was a bit like a revelation for her.

With 18 + years of teaching experience behind her, she loves to share the modern day yoga philosophy with her community. She has a background in Dance and started yoga with an Iyengar school followed by an Ashtanga school and a YogaWorks teacher training. After many years of teaching she decided to expand her passion for sharing yoga in in teacher trainings through her Warrior Flow Yoga method.

Aria’s classes will take you on a powerful and transformational journey. Aria has headlined at Wanderlust Festivals, and has represented brands like Nike, Oysho and Loreal. She is the author of two books about yoga “le yoga de ma vie” and “The Healthy Book”.

She is spending her time traveling and teaching while spreading the good vibes through yoga and music.

Gus is originally from Los Angeles California. He began his journey with martial arts at a young age. The practice of martial arts helped him learn the importance of self discipline and focus. He also travelled extensively around Asia to train and compete and realized that what he enjoyed most was to meet new people, sharing experiences with them.

 Gus was also a gymnastics instructor and came to yoga in 2012. When he met Aria, she introduced him to the practice of yoga and the amazing transformation that followed.