Voice Your Self with James Mattingley

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Voice Your Self with James Mattingley


2018 | September 21 | 09:00 - 13:00

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This workshop is designed to elevate how teachers express their message.

As a teacher, you know choosing to teach is not an easy path. While filled with incredible and fulfilling moments, you’ll have also felt the self-judgment, criticism and doubt that can creep into your teaching.

In this workshop you’ll learn to use your body as a guide and your voice as a tool of expression. Through exercises and exploration, develop your ability to hold an expansive space, a clear voice and a strong message.




I’m a teacher who is passionate about teaching teachers. I love taking the complex ideas of movement and voice and expressing them in a way that land in people’s minds and bodies.

I’m also addicted to learning, leading and coconuts… and hope to share at least one of these with you sometime soon.