The Vital Psoas with Sanna Kokkonen


The Vital Psoas with Sanna Kokkonen


2017 | September 7 | 12:00 - 15:00
2017 | October 7 | 13:00 - 16:00

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Is a big part of your day and life spent sitting in front of a computer, commuting in a car or sitting in a plane? Are you a “doer”, like to do a lot of crunches?

You might experience tension in your hips or perhaps lower back pain.

Our modern hectic life style can create life long stress and many people suffer from chronic physical pain. Tension in head, neck & shoulders are quite common. The deeper part of the body stores stress as well. 

Iliopsoas, the deepest muscle group in the body is often also called as “The Muscle of the Soul”. 

In this workshop we have ‘somatic’ approach: we tune into the deeper body awareness, starting to generate the understanding of psycho/emotional connections.

We will:

- explore our ‘deep core’ the iliopsoas muscle group, which provides you mobility & stability
- learn why claimed to be the most important muscle in your body
- learn where the majority of the stress is stored
- learn about the dangers connected with a tight or simply exhausted psoas
- learn why stretching is not always the right answer
- learn how to release/tone/lengthen the psoas by exploring some soft, simple yet effective techniques  

This workshop caters all levels.
Come in soft, comfortable clothing & bring a pair of socks, your water bottle and perhaps a notebook and a pen. 



Sanna has been fascinated about the human body, both the physical- and mind body ever since she first started to exercise as a young girl. When she later in the late 80’s, got certified in the world of fitness and started to teach aerobics, pilates & fitness in Finland, she experienced how there was a heavy emphasis on ‘doing the body’ rather than ‘listening to the body’.

Her own awakening to her Psoas Muscle happened when she experienced first hand how having too much on her plate both physically and mentally did affect the balance of the mind-body. She got an aggravated tightened Psoas which showed up as a deep vicious pain in her stomach & lower back.

Sanna holds E-RYT 500 and she completed her psoas studies with the “Psoas Guru” Liz Koch in London, UK in July 2016.