The Tao Of Sound With Tracie Storey

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The Tao Of Sound With Tracie Storey


2018 | April 7 | 11:00 - 18:00




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The Tao Of Sound


Exploring Sound Healing Fundamentals

Balance and apply sound in your everyday life during this workshop, where we will go deeper into the exploration of the vision and achievement of Fabien Maman of the Tama Do Academy.

We will learn to work with the key essentials of sound meditation on a daily basis and observe the profound effects of vibration and frequency.

Why is sound so important? How effective is sound on our own bodies and why is vibrational therapy attracting us at this moment in time?

We will explore these questions through various exercises, learn more about the intervals of sound, their relationship with the body and how vibration effects us on a deep cellular level.



Tracie Storey’s full spectrum approach to sound and vibrational healing has spanned 20 years. Her approaches include Tama-Do, Vibrational Sound and Colour Therapy and Qi Gong. As a practitioner, her sessions are instinctively tuned to the individual client. Her skills stretch beyond the treatment room to include immersive group sound harmonizations and meditation classes.

Tracie’s foundation was established in the 90s exploring the transformative power of dance culture as a professional Dj and producer. Her experience inspired her to embrace sound and vibrational healing as a life calling by searching out new teachers, mentors, and training. Tama-do has been one of the primary inspirations behind her platform of Elemental Resonance.