Session 2 - Fruition | The Lunar Series with Persia Juliet

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Session 2 - Fruition | The Lunar Series with Persia Juliet


2018 | December 23 | Fruition | 12:30 - 15:00



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Join Persia Juliet each month for the Lunar Series. This two-part series is an extended yoga practice designed to better align our choices, decisions and timing. We will bring awareness to the rhythms of nature and lunar influences of that moment in time.

December 7 | 13:00 - 15:30

Seed lands on the New Moon and is themed to support clarity of intention.  Exploring specific asanas, guided meditation, questions and time to journal your intention for the next cycle.

December 23| 12:30 - 15:00

Fruition lands on the Full Moon and is themed with celebrating the fruits of your New Moon intentions. It is also an opportunity to recognise what has passed within a sacred space.

We will sweat a little, explore something new physically, chant, journal and share.



Persia has recently moved to Bali after 12 years teaching yoga abroad. With her experience in a variety of trainings such as Bikram, Baptiste, Body Mind Life, Les Leventhal, Sarah Powers and Ana Forrest, Persia's teaching style is an eclectic mix.

When she teaches, it comes from the heart. Her classes differ according to the lunar cycle, the season, the group, or sentiment of the day. With deep respect to safe alignment and intelligent sequencing, Persia's passion in teaching leans more to the energetic anatomy of a practitioner.

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