The Detox Flow with Kimberley Utama

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Kim detox flow .jpg

The Detox Flow with Kimberley Utama


2018 | September 29 | 09:30 - 11:30

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This detox flow will have you sweating and releasing toxins through moving the body in postures focused on twists and binds. These poses help constrict and compress inner organs, giving our bodies an internal massage that detoxifies the blood, tissue and cells.

Cleanse the body, mind and emotions from any stagnation and blocked energy.

Feel into this new space and freedom!



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Kimberley's connection to yoga started at Radiantly Alive where she deepened her practice & expanded her knowledge of yoga in all its forms. 

Kimberley has completed a 200-hour YTT with Radiantly Alive, plus 200 & 300-hours Yoga Teacher Trainings with Les Leventhal.

In her classes you can expect to dive deep into self-enquiry and self-reflection, whilst reconnecting back to your true self. She strongly feels that yoga is for everyone regardless of age, level of proficiency, or physical fitness, and that most importantly - yoga is to have fun and surrender yourself to the journey.