The Art of Yogic Living with Rusty Davis


The Art of Yogic Living with Rusty Davis


2017 | May 9-10 

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Join Rusty for a two day core-level journey of Transformation. The time is now to find more ease within the mind, body and breath connection. 

The focus of this course is to empower and inspire you to fully awaken the healing forces residing in all of us. Experimently we will look into Yoga Asana, Yin Yoga, flowing fascia unwinding movements, Roll and Release Yoga, pranayama, Transformational Breathwork, Active Release Meditation and different forms of Stillness to lovingly target the Fascia Anatomy of the body.

In two days you will learn how to release years of tensions, pains, emotional energy,  fatigue, depression and suffering all held in the fascia system. This course will gently lead to focusing the mind for more calmness and feeling your body as it is,  opening the breathing system for more energy and observing sensations that heal injuries and tensions. Recommended for All levels of ability, background, ages and genders. 

Day 1

Introduction, Hatha Vinyasa, Myofascia unwinding play, pranayama, Yin Yoga, Roll and Release Yoga, Intro to Transformation Breathwork, Meditation with Focus on healing through breath.

Day 2

Myofascia movement for release,  meditation for focusing and stillness, Roll and Release yoga for opening up the breath system, Transformation Breathwork season, Closing Ceremony