The Art Of Sequencing with Michaela Westermark


The Art Of Sequencing with Michaela Westermark


2018 | February 3 | 12.45 - 15:45
2018 | April 2 | 12:45 - 15.45

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Are you a yoga teacher, or thinking of becoming one? Or do you want the tools to build a creative, meaningful and safe home practice?

The art of crafting inspiring and effective classes is a vital part of teaching yoga. Through vinyasa, theory and practical exploration you will develop the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to create holistic and creative classes. We will dive into the world of Asana and break down the theory into hands on practice, leaving you empowered and inspired to develop authentic and holistic yoga sequences that reflect your ambition and aspiration as a teacher.

Wear clothes that allow you to move and bring your notebook and pen.



For Michaela yoga is the philosophy of peace. With a background in journalism and social development programs she has lived and worked around the world for the past 10 years, always seeking to raise the universal awareness. She kept going back to India where she studied Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga with various renowned teachers, and eventually this led her to become a full time Yoga teacher. In India she also met her spiritual teacher Sudhir Rishi of Tiruvannamalai, with whom she continuously studies the vedic philosophy, pranayama and meditation.

From personal experience of overcoming panic attacks and anxiety- Michaela is convinced that yoga can be a highly transformative practice and that conscious breathing and movement can be a key to self-discovery and inner peace. Her inspiration derives from the ancient teachings, but her approach is modern, focusing on how our practice can be useful and inspiring in our present-day society. Michaelas classes are known to be creative, challenging and explorative. She wants to inspire people to take their practice beyond their mats, to make yoga a way of walking through life.