The Art of Creative Sequencing with Sabi Kerr


The Art of Creative Sequencing with Sabi Kerr


2019 | September 2 | 12:45 - 15:45

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Explore the art of crafting creative vinyasa sequences that break away from the rigid confines of what we think yoga ‘should’ be. Release the restrictions and invite in a freer, more expressive way to move. Open to both yoga teachers and yoga students wanting to build up a more meaningful practice, this workshop will provide you with the skills and techniques to both teach and/or practice more creatively.

 We’ll explore

  • The components of a creative vinyasa sequence, both through theory and practical application

  • Breaking down sequences and asanas, exploring how to add and alter components, work with themes, and play with transitions, while keeping a clear intention

  • A full vinyasa practice that includes all these creative components so you can feel it in your body.


2019 | September 2 | 12:45 - 15:45


About Sabi Kerr

Sabi is a self-love and transformational life coach as well as a yoga teacher. She guides people to fall deeper in love with themselves. This leads to the capacity to be able to transform their lives, their work, and their relationships with others.

Sabi believes that everyone deserves to be fully in their power, and to live a purposeful life that they’re passionately in love with. This is our birthright, and Sabi’s mission is to guide as many people as possible back to their natural essence: a place of deep self-love, self-acceptance and joy.