Concert: The Sound of Zen with Joseph Pepe Danza

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Concert: The Sound of Zen with Joseph Pepe Danza


2018 | December 18 | 18:00 - 20:00 


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The voice of the Shakuhachi has been called “the sound of Zen”. It's a doorway to a deeper inner Silence, and the voice of a profoundly spiritual culture and philosophy. In the Japanese tradition there is a unique concept called “Ma”. This is the quality of silence between the notes. In Shakuhachi music, the Ma is as important - if not more - than the actual played sound.

The Shakuhachi gently guides and invites the listener into a state of peace and centeredness in a way that few other instruments can. We will combine the music with Zen stories, dialogue on Zen principles and their application in daily life, and if time allows, a bit of Zazen - sitting meditation.

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Joseph Pepe Danza is an innovative musician with a passion for breaking geographical, spiritual and musical boundaries through a deep study and understanding of traditional forms, both Eastern and Western. Having lived, studied, and performed all around the world, Pepe embodies cross-cultural versatility. Pepe developed an early interest in world music and different expressions of spirituality, eventually leading him to spend 20+ years traveling the world studying traditional music and practicing disciplines such as Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga, Shamanism and Sound Healing.