Somatic Awareness & Embodiment with Richard Ayling

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Somatic Awareness & Embodiment with Richard Ayling


2019 | June 25 | 12:45 - 15:45

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Somatic Awareness & Embodiment

What does embodiment really mean? And how do we move beyond a peak experience of it to develop a more subtle awareness of sensation and emotion, one that supports us in our daily lives and our practice?

By building a deeper connection to how our bodies communicate our experience to us - our interoceptive focus - we start to see our needs and shape our choices in a much healthier way.

Learn how to use elements of linear movement to cultivate presence and stillness, then take an inner journey with intuitive, non-linear expression and sensation tracking in the body. This workshop is a blend of lineage-based and intuitive practices, accessible and relatable to everybody.

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Richard Ayling, an accredited Tantric Hatha Yoga Teacher & Wim Hof Method Instructor, has over twelve years experience as a coach and facilitator. Through embodiment facilitation and core-truth coaching, he is driven to help people find balance, stillness and clarity, by developing the same subtle mind-body connection that helped him overcome illness, re-align and regain momentum in his life