40-Hour Sky Yoga Restorative Teacher Training with Shae Lamond


40-Hour Sky Yoga Restorative Teacher Training with Shae Lamond

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2018 | August 20 - 25

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Focus the mind. Replenish the body. Nurture your entire being

The practice of Sky Yoga Restorative is rooted in integrative therapy for the body, mind and spirit. Experience aerial suspension postures and inversions, gentle dynamic movement, myofascial release, yin style postures, and mindful meditative principles in this restorative practice. This form of yoga is a powerful way for you to open and rebalance in a safe and nurturing space. Learn how to guide students through a therapeutic experience using all of the above techniques to restore their sense of holistic wellness.

Benefits of this practice include deeply opening and hydrating the joints, connective tissue and limbs, reducing pressure of the spine, relieving pain associated with back conditions, low-to-no impact forms of dynamic glide movements to support all body conditions and types, and deeply clearing and calming the mind.

This training focuses on the theories of fascial anatomy, dynamic and yin-style stretching, meditation and pranayama techniques, and teaching methodologies for supportive and nurturing space holding.

You’ll also dive into the traditions of Yogic and Buddhist philosophy, which support the meditative aspect of how to sequence and guide a restorative practice, and hold space for healing and rejuvenation for yourself, as well as your future students. The curriculum features high-off-the-ground sequences of restorative hammock postures, as well as low-to-the-floor techniques of grounding and supported inversions. Through the use of the Sky Yoga Hammock, we access movements and poses we would otherwise be unable to in a grounded yoga practice, as we support the body in a way which allows us to rest into the feeling of being completely held and embraced by the fabric.

This comprehensive 40 hour teaching training for is for all levels of aerial and grounded yoga experience. For yoga beginners to advanced aerial practitioners, for those wanting further yoga study, to deepen their practice, learn a new skill or teaching style, or to broaden their existing knowledge of yoga to the aerial realm.



  • Restorative Yoga Philosophy
  • Yogic breath, meditation + mindfulness
  • Restorative Aerial yoga teaching methodology
  • Restorative Aerial yoga poses, benefits, safety and variations
  • Class management, safety and interpersonal teaching skills
  • Mindful movement principles
  • Practical experience in real class settings
  • Mentoring for Authentic and heart centered space holding
  • Self reflection + study tools
  • Practicum + Assessment


Monday – Friday | 07:30 - 15:30
Saturday | 08:00 - 15:30

*Session and break times are subject to change and shift during the training.


  • Restorative Yoga Philosophy
  • Alignment + Anatomy
  • Hands on Adjustment
  • Philosophy + Mindfulness
  • Meditation + Pranayama
  • Sequencing
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Sky Yoga Restorative Practices

The mission of this training is to provide all participants with a safe and nourishing space to dive deeply into their practice, to draw from their own insights, fused with the wisdom and knowledge shared in the material to create a holistic learning environment. You’ll learn how to lead bodies, hearts and minds from a space where you feel truly yourself, gifting others not only with a magical aerial practice, but also with the offering of who you are. 

This training is certified with Yoga Alliance for 40 continuing education hours. At the completion of your training, you will receive a certificate that allows you to apply for this further education certification with Yoga Alliance.



You receive a 10% discount if you book both the SKY YOGA Level 1 (check out all details about the SKY YOGA YTT Level 1 here) and the SKY YOGA Restorative Teacher Training. If you book both, send us an email after booking for which dates you'd like to book your trainings.




Shae is devoted to sharing her passion for health and wellness in body and mind. As a Yoga Teacher, she guides her classes with an infusion of Mindfulness techniques, Yoga philosophy, empowering movement and nourishing love. Shae has successfully completed her 200hrs YTT with Louisa Seer of Yoga Arts and 300hrs of Training with Radiantly Alive. She is certified through Yoga Alliance with E-RYT 200, RYT 500 and YACEP (Yoga alliance Continuing Education Provider).

She has assisted on a range of grounded and aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings to broaden her facilitation skills, as well as offer her insight and teaching to practitioners (Assister/Co-Teacher on Level 1 & 2 Sky Yoga YTT with Radiantly Alive & Acacia Jade). She believes that all movement - of both the body and the mind - is where we can shift our energies, find inner transformation, and cultivate a sense of freedom and compassion for ourselves, and others.

Personally trained by the founder of Sky Yoga, Acacia Jade (acaciajadeyoga.com), Shae has dived deeply into the world of Aerial Suspension Yoga with joy and passion.

The challenge of a Sky Yoga practice gives people a feeling of empowerment. Her fitness and extensive dance background is seen in her style of graceful, sweaty, physical and creative flow classes. Instructing all levels of students into complex Aerial postures is deeply gratifying for Shae; “Seeing people’s eyes light up, and feeling their celebration for themselves when they have done something they never thought they could do is the most amazing thing to share.”

Her love of teaching soft, gentle and yin style Yoga classes is also how Shae became drawn to teaching and creating balanced, nurturing and deeply relaxing restorative Sky Yoga classes. The hammock suspension allows people to feel supported, embraced, and gives them permission to lie back, let go and absorb the nourishment.