Silent Yoga & Secret Sunset with Sanna Kokkonen (Yoga), Sue & Rowan (Secret Sunset)

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14Nov2017 091.jpg

Silent Yoga & Secret Sunset with Sanna Kokkonen (Yoga), Sue & Rowan (Secret Sunset)


2017 | January 17 | 18:00 - 20:00
2017 | February 14 | 18:00 - 20:00

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Secret Sunrise is a global movement to share positivity and get the world grooving, celebrating, united in joy, and affecting global change. This guided session allows your journey to be both a true expression of yourself, whilst feeling safe and celebrating with your community. After all, why do we need any other reason to dance?

This is a Silent Yoga & Secret SunSET workshop (usually done as sunRISE). We will begin with a Silent Yoga session facilitated by RA's Sanna Kokkonen. This will get you nicely warmed up for our guided Secret Sunset dance session that celebrates the sun. Throughout the whole workshop, we will use our Secret Sunrise headphones. If you love yoga, dancing, exercising, connecting with others and having fun then this workshop is for you.

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December | Reasons to Celebrate, Event theme: Joy
January | Transformation, Event theme: New Energy
February | The Sun Salute, Event theme: Fire

*Tickets are limited due to headphones so we recommend you reserve your spot in advance.



Secret Sunrise was introduced to Bali in 2017 by owners Sue Bedwell and Rowan Greeff. Sue and Rowan are both South African born. They met in a small town called Tofo in Mozambique, where they decided to continue their travels and moved to Bali 5 years ago.

On a trip home to visit their families, they stumbled across Secret Sunrise in South Africa, and were blown away by the magic. They decided that they wanted to bring this movement to Bali by connecting with like-minded people, organisations and charities to help create change through dance.