Sacred Geometry with Stephanie June Ellis

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Sacred Geometry main poster photo.jpeg

Sacred Geometry with Stephanie June Ellis

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2019 I July 15 I 12:45 - 15:45

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Sacred: Deserving Respect
Geometry: Earth Measure

In this workshop we will learn how to draw a variety of Sacred Geometry motifs using only a compass and ruler. This class is an introduction to geometry and sacred art. Stephanie will guide you through the very basic principles of a symbolic language, provoking discipline, patience and contemplation, whilst encouraging an understanding of our connection with this beautiful universe we call home.

Absolutely no skills required, just bring yourself and an open mind.


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Stephanie June Ellis is a professional artist, qualified Colour Therapist and founder of The Art Of Process. Through her workshops and retreats she engages with local and global communities offering wellbeing through the creative process with a focus on geometry, meditation and colour psychology.

Geometric patterns span culturally worldwide throughout traditional craft and architecture. Stephanie's creative practice aims to transcend viewers beyond the physical world, and encourage a wider vision of awareness through universal patterns.