Rhythm & Rise with Amy Thiessen & Jasmine Danino

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Rhythm & Rise with Amy Thiessen & Jasmine Danino


2019 | November 14 | 12:45 - 15:45

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Today we celebrate,

in the temple of our bodies,

to the beating of our hearts,

in a dance that extends beyond time.

Join Jasmine Danino and Amy Thiessen (aka Sundari Studios) for a potent practice of silence, sound, movement, and voice. Unravel your body in dynamic asana while pulsing to a hypnotic soundscape steeped in devotion. Then, gather together and raise your voice in a raw expression of heart, community, and soul.

Workshop includes:

  • Short talk

  • Meditation

  • Live music

  • Dynamic asana

  • Toning, singing, and mantra.

*All voices and practice levels welcome.

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Our voice is the expression of our spirit. ‘In Resonance’ our voice carries the potency of one’s purpose and lays a foundation for self esteem, understanding, and impact.

Amy's mission is to awaken the potential of human voice and empower individuals to articulate the truth of who they are in life, relationship, and work. In a time of polarized dialogue and 'us vs them' thinking, this ability to effectively communicate becomes a pillar for our personal and societal evolution.

Amy's work is gathered from over 15 years experience in music, yoga, and self development. She has curated and facilitated yoga programs and trainings, both nationally and internationally, published articles for Gaia, collaborated with internationally acclaimed teachers (Janet Stone, Meghan Currie, Ally Bogard), performed at yoga festivals (Wanderlust, It’s time to Bloom, and Prairie Love), and been featured internationally on television and radio.



Jasmine’s passion consists in inspiring others to pursue their dreams. She went from climbing the corporate ladder in Lima, Perú, to being a yoga teacher living in Bali and owning Radiantly Alive. Through yoga she reconnected with her intuition and now empowers her students to follow their inner calling. She will guide you through a heartfelt, strong, breathled vinyasa class that will leave you feeling present, intune and blissful!