Rest and Replenish | Restorative Yoga with Kimberley Utama


Rest and Replenish | Restorative Yoga with Kimberley Utama


2019 | December 4 | 12:45 - 15:45

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Do you slow down enough for the body to replenish?

I know I didn’t use to. It is only when we slow down that we fully replenish and restore the body, mind, and emotions back to a state of ease, calm, and balance.

This workshop is an opportunity to unwind and let go of stress and tension that we all build up in daily life. Restorative yoga meets you where you are, regardless of age, injuries, or yoga experience. With the support of props, you will find deeper relaxation, meditation, and comfort offering a deep passive stretch.

Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a pen and something to write on, a water bottle and a sarong or hand towel.




“Restorative yoga is like taking a mini holiday... it’s when I get to take time out for myself and unwind.”

Kimberley’s love for yoga started with Vinyasa - a very yang practice. As a busy mother of three young boys, she was looking for that yoga practice that would not only balance her busy life, but also compliment her Vinyasa practice. Restorative yoga has become an essential element to her return to feeling replenished and balanced. We can all benefit from taking the time to slow down.