Prop Properly with Jose Luis Jimenez

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Prop Properly with Jose Luis Jimenez


2018 | September 6| 16:00 - 19:00

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Jose will show you how to use props to grow and deepen your yoga poses. You will learn how the combination of different props such as blankets, straps, walls, blocks and bolsters can allow for a change in the shape and experience of the poses.

This workshop will leave you with a better understanding that you don't have to struggle on and off your mat. By fusing together the mind, body and soul connection with breath and tools, you'll be able to make your poses go from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!

This workshop is designed for everyone.

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Jose was originally trained in Tai Chi and Iyengar yoga, and explored different yoga styles worldwide. He lived for 5 years in India, where he opened his own yoga studio and deepened in his spiritual practice.

Jose sees teaching as a service; he strives to spread awareness of the importance of spinal decompression and alignment of the body (to relieve stress, treat injuries and improve any physical practice), as well as the workings of the mind. His classes are fun, challenging and spiritually uplifting.