Free Community Event | Satsang | Overcoming the Obstacles to Love with Amrita Sophia

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Amrita Sexy Shoot-3.jpeg

Free Community Event | Satsang | Overcoming the Obstacles to Love with Amrita Sophia


2019 | October 31 | 17:30 - 18:45

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Love: Uplifting, expansive, lasting LOVE.

It’s what you want, more than anything.

It’s what you’ve been chasing, your whole life - you’ve been Sherlock Holmes with your magnifying glass - seeking, examining, analysing.

You’re like, “I mean, seriously, how come Sleeping Beauty just got to take a big old nap and then BAM! Along comes her prince to kiss her awake? This whole cryogenic sleep thing, how long till that’s good to go?” But still, there’s that little voice inside you that's telling you it’s possible, and so you haven’t given up. Not yet.

What you want is a roadmap, the keys to unlock and unblock you. This is what Overcoming Obstacles to Love is all about.

Because the kind of love that lights a fire inside of you that never goes out, and brings your world into epic technicolor is absolutely POSSIBLE and AVAILABLE to you.

And…exhale. I got you, boo.



Amrita Sophia is a Tantric Embodiment Coach and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She spent years under a cloud of shame, her sexual energy on lock down, resulting in a life of unfulfilling relationships, unsatisfying jobs, and general dis-ease.

It wasn’t until she came to understand that healthy Sexual Energy EMPOWERS that her life began to transform, finally experiencing the true intimacy and connection she'd been seeking.

Amrita Sophia’s life experiences, transforming her greatest Shadow into her Super Power, her professional training, and her service as a Teacher and Coach have all conspired in creating her life mission - to empower others in their Pleasure, Passion and Presence.