Myofascial Masterclass (Roll & Release) with James Mattingley


Myofascial Masterclass (Roll & Release) with James Mattingley


2017 | May 17 | 11:00 - 17:00

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Gain flexibility, reduce or eliminate pain and understand how your body really works.

Want to delve into the world of Myofascial Release? Become more flexible? Ease or eliminate pain in your body?

Three major benefits students receive from this workshop:

  • Understand the role fascia has in shaping your body
  • Learn how to create fast and lasting flexibility
  • Find the deep sense of calm from unwinding your central nervous system

This Masterclass explores how fascia connects your mind to your body, and how to best release both, using a combination of Roll & Release and movement. Discover how your body really works to enhance your yoga, your breathing and your life.