Music Of The Spheres With Tracie Storey


Music Of The Spheres With Tracie Storey

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2018 | April 14 | 11:00 - 18:00
2018 | April 15 | 11:00 - 18:00



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Have you ever wondered what it might sound like to play the astrological sounds of your birth chart?

You are invited to a two day course where we will explore the basics of the Chinese 5 element wheel and address the concept of how these 5 elements (Fire/Earth/Air/Water/Wood) work for you, which elements are more prominent and how these are represented in your daily life.

In this unique Music Of The Spheres workshop we access the terrestrial and celestial energy field through sound and astrology. Using your astrological birth chart, we can find precise sound correspondences to play the music of your chart and find any themes which are current in your Natal Chart. This information sheds light on the way we approach life and perhaps recurring themes. This fascinating work is based on the 'Musique Of The Sky' work by Master Fabien Maman of the Tama-Do Academy. No musical experience is necessary.

One day: 1.700.000 IDR / $123 US
Bundle: 3.000.000 IDR / $218 US (two days)
Early Bird: 2.700.000 / $196 US
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Tracie Storey’s full spectrum approach to sound and vibrational healing has spanned 20 years. Her approaches include Tama-Do, Vibrational Sound and Colour Therapy and Qi Gong. As a practitioner, her sessions are instinctively tuned to the individual client. Her skills stretch beyond the treatment room to include immersive group sound harmonizations and meditation classes.

Tracie’s foundation was established in the 90s exploring the transformative power of dance culture as a professional Dj and producer. Her experience inspired her to embrace sound and vibrational healing as a life calling by searching out new teachers, mentors, and training. Tama-do has been one of the primary inspirations behind her platform of Elemental Resonance.