Movement is Medicine with Chris Fox

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Movement is Medicine with Chris Fox

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2019 | April 23 | 12:15 - 15:45
2019 | May 21 | 12:15 - 15:45
*more dates available

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The more we move, the more we invite openness, strength, mobility, and creativity into our body. And the more consciously we move, the more integrity and healthy movement patterns we create.

Join Chris Fox for a workshop of creative movement in forms of moving our spine more freely, exploring intrinsic and animal movement, learning how to move actively to strengthen and protect our joints, and find creativity within our body to explore what is inherently ours - freedom of movement.

The more you connect to you body, inviting both control and surrender, you create a deeper relationship to mind and breath, where we delve deeper into the path towards consciousness as this ascends through the body.

So let us go on a journey of movement, from our primal Self to our creative Self, and welcome connection to our Higher Self!



2019 | April 23 | 12:45 - 15:45
2019 | May 21 | 12:45 - 15:45
2019 | June 18 | 12:45 - 15:45



Chris Fox is a yoga and movement teacher that has a strong passion for individual expression and deep connection to physical awareness. Combining yoga asana with modern biomechanics and deconstructing movement patterns, he invites critical thinking and simplicity of movement to be met with freedom and expansion.
Yoga is a massive part of his life, where he explores creativity, embodied movement, and personal uniqueness to open up the pathways to your true self expression. Living in Ubud full-time, Chris is dedicated to share his love for yoga and movement in a vibrant and unique way.