Meditation and Mystic Healing with Pedro Salazar


Meditation and Mystic Healing with Pedro Salazar


2019 | June 21 | 14:00 - 15:30

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Mystic Healing is the channeling and transmission of the spiritual force through a healer. In this energetic meditation practice you will be touched in a very gentle and loving way, which creates a safe space for you to relax and surrender – fully held and loved unconditionally. Through the contact with a powerful spiritual energy, you will go through an expansion and elevation of your consciousness where you will obtain direct experience of your inner self.

Mystic Healing allows you to experience:

• Emotional balance and mental harmony
• Total disconnection from negative mental states
• A greater sense of wellbeing and joy
• Access to higher levels of consciousness
• Physical and emotional healing
• Clearing of energetic blocks from mind and body.



Pedro discovered his spiritual path when he met his Guru in 2002. He then started an intensive meditation practice and discovered his Dharma - to serve others unselfishly and embrace the tradition of Yoga as a way to fulfill that purpose.
During the last 16 years, Pedro has been offering Mystic Healing sessions which have helped people to release tension from their bodies, bring stillness to their minds, and experience a deep connection with their inner Self, as part of the integration process that Meditation practice brings to our lives.