Kirtan Fusion: Healing Mantras & Music Compositions with Kate Fleming


Kirtan Fusion: Healing Mantras & Music Compositions with Kate Fleming


2017 | October 29 | 18:30 - 20:00
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Music moves our heart. We instantly shift from the head to the heart when we hear beautiful music. In challenging times, melody, singing and chanting literally bring us back into a state of harmony.

Singing Mantras harmonizes the mental field, drawing our consciousness into a state of stillness.  Mantras are in the Sanskrit language, which was devised by Vedic rishis and seers that entered into deep states of meditation for long periods in nature, hearing the sounds of the cosmos. So chanting Mantras is really becoming one with nature and the divine consciousness.

Come and sing gently with us, or just listen and experience the beauty of this ancient musical medicine, along with soothing healing original songs to move and melt your heart.

Kate will play the guitar, sing and guide you through simple Sanskrit mantras together with a lovely Violinist from Java. They will also play some original compositions from her latest album AUBURN RAY - a sweeping homage to love and healing in all its forms.


Kate Fleming is a trained pianist and self taught guitarist, singer and songwriter. She has been writing and performing for 20 years, playing in Prague, Amsterdam, London and Scotland until landing in Bali 11 years ago.  She has released 4 albums and has been singing Mantra music/ Kirtans for Yoga retreats and centres in Bali and Australia. 

Emerging out of Kate’s love of yoga and mantra music, her original songs tell a story of coming to terms with the cycle of love and of life. Several songs are a fusion of Sanskrit and English. In sharing her music, she hopes to be a source of comfort and courage for others.