Golden Light Wisdom Channelings with Devi Ma


Golden Light Wisdom Channelings with Devi Ma


2017 | December 21 | 12:45 - 15:45

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The Golden Age is upon us a time when the Divine Human Template is awakening upon the earth, restoring balance of the masculine and feminine through the upgrade of human DNA with the Golden Light of Ascension.

Expand your consciousness, purify the mind and awaken the higher intelligence of your Soul through the Wisdom Teachings and Transmission of the Masters.

Be bathed in the celestial healing sounds and expand your awareness with a Golden Light Meditation.

A time for questions and answers, channeled by the Masters to support you to clear and blockages that are preventing you from moving forward on the spiritual path.



Multi-Dimensional Light Worker, Devi Ma is a spiritual aspirant of the yogic and shamanic paths, who has spent the past 20 years in loving service to the awakening of spirituality upon the earth, through holistic healing, yoga, and Self-empowerment workshops and retreats.

She spent over a decade living in India with enlightened saints and teachers that supported her in her own healing and spiritual awakening. Devi Ma holds a sacred space of Loving Presence channeling the Masters, Angels and Ancient Ones to support you in remembering your Divine Essence and Souls Gifts.