Gemstone Energy Medicine with Nirmoha

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Gemstone Energy Medicine with Nirmoha


2019 | October 18 | 12:45 - 15:45

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Therapeutic gemstones are extremely rare, and their quality determines their medicinal powers. They must be free from inclusions and toxins that interfere with their pure vibrations.

Foreign substances and contaminants cloud a gem’s matrix, distorting the transmission of its frequency and devaluing its medicinal property. Did you know that more than 95% of gemstones mined are not therapeutic?
Attuning your awareness to the frequencies of gemstones is an art and it takes practice. In this 3-hour workshop you will learn to communicate with the gems. You'll learn how to attune your awareness to the medicinal properties of a gem.  You'll work with three different gemstones and share your personal experiences through guided meditation practices.

You'll explore placing therapeutic gem and learn how to take care of them and how to cleanse them. This is an experiential workshop open to anyone who has an affinity with gemstones and is touched by their radiance and beauty.

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Nirmoha works co-creatively to help people access the subtle and gentler ways to release through conscious connection with oneself.

She has spent the last three decades exploring different modalities as part of her own journey towards healing. She is a certified Breath Trauma Release practitioner with the biodynamic breath Institute, using many skills to support your journey towards a safe and gentle transformative release

Nirmoha is passionate about sharing her work with those ready to receive. She brings the depth of her own exploration by skillfully helping others explore their inner selves on their journeys toward health, wholeness, personal empowerment and truth.