Free Your Flow with James Mattingley

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James Free your flow pic.jpg

Free Your Flow with James Mattingley


2018 | November 24 | 09:00 - 12:30

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We are beautiful animals. Our bodies are designed to flex, bend, lift, circle, bounce and climb. Yet, even with a steady yoga, gym or sports practice, we tend to use our bodies in linear ways. Repeating similar movements over and over again, and wondering why things don’t change.

This workshop is designed to create change. To unlock the potential in your spine, enhance your hand-eye coordination and deepen your flexibility by moving in alternative, integrated and nonlinear ways.

Drawing from mobility work, spinal waves and animal locomotion, we’ll dive into holistic movements to strengthen your current practice and help free your flow.




I’m passionate about understanding how we move physically, and what moves us emotionally. Realizing just how connected these two things are, I’ve dived deeply down the rabbit hole of fascia. How it shapes our body, how it talks to our central nervous system, how our range of motion is directly related to our range of emotion. I love taking these complex ideas of the mind-body connection into workshops, classes and trainings that enhance how people move through the world.