Family Constellations: The Astrological Method with Chris Skidmore


Family Constellations: The Astrological Method with Chris Skidmore

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2018 | October 16 | 09:00 - 13:00

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An advancement of Family Constellations, the Astrological Method is a unique and interactive opportunity to experience the many facets of your self.

Using the planets as your guide, you will select other participants in this workshop to play out different parts of your psyche, allowing strengths, challenges and patterns to come to life right before your eyes.

Bert Hellinger, founder of Family Constellations, gave the process an alternative name: ‘Movements of the Soul’. The astrological method is a way to talk and dance with these movements, creating the potential for deep healing and release.

Chris’ intuitive and sensitive facilitation creates an intimate, safe space that allows you to reach levels of insight and healing in a deep and powerful way.

State your intention, then choose participants to play the following archetypes of the soul:

  • The Sun: The central self

  • The Moon: The emotional self

  • The Ascendant: the mask/persona

  • Mercury: The mind/the trickster

  • Venus: Wants/desires/pleasure

  • Mars: Drive/focus

  • Jupiter: Vision/Fortune

  • Saturn: Limits/Blocks/Structures

  • Uranus: Change

  • Neptune: The dream/dissolution

  • Pluto: Hidden power


Meet Chris Roy - astrologer, healer, mix-tape lover. After spending 12 years exploring the power of astrology, Chris has developed his own Astrological Counselling as well as several different workshops. Using your unique Natal chart as the guide, Chris will work with you to delve into the patterns of your life, and unlock potential energy.

His approach is person-focused, following the basic principles of presence, deep listening, and facilitation of a clear therapeutic space. Chris is a student of the London Faculty of Astrology and has completed his Counseling Skills Certificate (MetaVision).