Exploring Restorative Poses 1 with Anne Wanda Tessier

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Anne restorative-5web.jpg

Exploring Restorative Poses 1 with Anne Wanda Tessier


2017 | November 21 | 12:00 - 15:00

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Relax and Let Go with Restorative Yoga.

In this workshop, Anne will guide you through a series of fully supported Restorative Poses in order to allow the body to fully relax and let go. We will explore Supported Reclined Butterfly, Child's Pose and Forward Folds as well as variations for each pose depending on individual conditions. Learn how these poses can help reduce tension, headaches, and help with respiration, reproduction, digestion and also calm the thoughts in our mind.



Anne teaches various styles of yoga including hatha, yin, therapeutic and restorative yoga.  Her calm voice guides you through a practice that is suitable for beginners and advanced offering various options throughout the class.  Anne’s aim is to create a safe and welcoming environment.  She has been practicing yoga for over twenty years and has led successful retreats and trainings in Canada and abroad.  

Find out more about Anne:  www.annewandayoga.ca