Evolve Your Practice with Collette Davis


Evolve Your Practice with Collette Davis


September 22 | 12:45 - 15:45

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Take your practice to the next level. In this rich and informative workshop, we'll unlock the secrets and technical details of āsana so you can transform your alignment and evolve your practice. We'll cover basic poses so you can avoid injury, the grounding spirals of standing poses and balances and we'll play with entry-level arm balances and inversions so you can grow in a safe and supported way. We'll finish with a juicy flow to integrate what you have learnt. Come and radically shift your understanding of yoga āsana.


All integrated through a slow flow, you'll learn:

  • Technical details and alignment of downdog, chaturanga, updog and cobra

  • Greater stability and integrity in standing poses

  • More confidence in arm balances and inversions

  • Basic anatomy

  • How to practice safely

  • How to avoid injury.



Yoga is how Collette navigates the world and she is forever enchanted by the spells it continues to cast inside her experience. Since Tara Judelle first poured the teachings of Anusara into her bones, she has been called to practice, study and teach.

Her classes are inspired by Tantrik philosophy, Embodied Flow™, dance and free movement. She also has an ongoing love affair with alignment and bio-mechanics, which she weaves into her more technical workshops.