Earth To Sky Aerial Masterclass with Shae Lamond

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Earth To Sky Aerial Masterclass with Shae Lamond


2018 | January 23 | 13:00 - 15:30

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Exploring the energies of Yin and Yang

Sky Yoga is an Aerial practice which blends the energies of earth grounding with a skyward, light spirit.

Uplift yourself and strengthen your body with a powerful Yang aerial practice using the hammock. Feel the shift in your energy, body and mind as we move into Yin style therapeutic poses and inversions that encourage your whole being back into balance as you ground and open.

This masterclass will give you an embodied experience of how earth and sky energies express through your physical form. The play between powerful yang and soft yin will allow you to feel what your body most needs, and find harmony between these natural states. You will leave feeling more light in the body, grounded in your mind, and enriched in your soul.

max. 17 people


Shae is a yoga teacher and writer, passionate about mindfulness and movement. Exploring dance all her life, she continues to draw from a range of movement practices to deepen her knowledge and offerings of body integration in her yoga classes. Shae teaches Sky Yoga to be a blend of strong and powerful, fun and playful, and deeply relaxing.

Drawing from the philosophies of yoga, Buddhist teachings, mindfulness and other therapies, she incorporates these insights into her classes and workshops to facilitate freedom and healing for all.