Divine Mind Intelligence (DMI) Activation with Amrita Sophia

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Amrita DMI pic.jpg

Divine Mind Intelligence (DMI) Activation with Amrita Sophia


2018 | December 28 | 12:45 - 15:45

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Activating your DMI = Gaining Mastery of your Life

To activate your Divine Mind Intelligence DMI is to live from a place of peaceful power within, access your untapped abilities and align your life to the highest vibration of who you truly are.

DMI is your birthright and the key to creating a life of choice and not from circumstances.

It is through the activation process of your DMI that you will learn and discover exactly what self empowerment feels and looks like in your everyday reality.


In this introductory workshop you will:

  • Identify which of the 9 Life Areas require change and create a FOCUSED GOAL for your DMI Activation

  • Learn the tools to Transform your Current Life Design into your Future Life Design

  • Understand the pitfalls of the Basic Mind, and how to override the old programming that has kept you from living your Infinite Potential.

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There was always a hunger in Amrita Sophia to experience wholeness, happiness and balance. This propelled her on a journey that would see her take on many incarnations - from a Fashion Designer in Melbourne, to Investment Banking in London, to leaving it all behind to study with Masters in the Americas and Asia, to today, in Bali, where she lives her passion and purpose, as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Teacher of DMI.


DMI was the key that finally opened Amrita Sophia to fully step into her power and transform her life. It is her joy to share DMI with others.