Developing your home yoga practice with Kimberley Utama

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Developing your home yoga practice with Kimberley Utama


2018 | September 7 | 12:45 - 15:45

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This workshop will explore the ways in which you can create your own personal practice.

We will look at how to personalize your yoga practice with your intention, breathing exercises, and movement that is adaptable and accessible - so that yoga becomes a part of your daily routine. You will listen to your body, moods and seasons, and evolve your practice according to each new day, and each new moment.

You will learn to focus on what you enjoy, but also what you may need to work on, by breaking down how asana relates to specific parts of your body.

Yoga is for everybody; lets start you off on your personal journey.

Please bring notepad, pen and water.



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Kimberley's connection to yoga started at Radiantly Alive where she deepened her practice & expanded her knowledge of yoga in all its forms. Kimberley has completed a 200-hour YTT with Radiantly Alive plus 200 & 300-hours Yoga Teacher Trainings with Les Leventhal. In her classes you can expect to dive deep into self-enquiry and self-reflection, whilst reconnecting back to your true self. She strongly feels that yoga is for everyone regardless of age, level of proficiency, or physical fitness, and that most importantly - yoga is to have fun and surrender yourself to the journey.