Free Community Event | Satsang: Embracing Impermanence with Shae Lamond


Free Community Event | Satsang: Embracing Impermanence with Shae Lamond


2019 | September 19 | 17.30 - 18:45

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The 4 Noble Truths of Buddhism are simple, yet potent truths that guide us to healing and happiness in a way that expands our experience of what it really means to live 'free.'
This will be an enriching and candid discussion on the cornerstone Buddhist teaching of impermanence; how suffering in our lives is created by grasping onto our attachments.

In our modern-day world, how can we free ourselves of attachment to people, things, actions and the idea of 'certainty' in life, in order to live in a more free, peaceful, and playful state? Let's explore this together.



2019 I September 19 I 17.30 - 18.45



From as early as she can remember, Shae has been fascinated with the nature of life and how people relate and create their own experience of being alive. Buddhism was her entry into 'spiritual thought', and Shae studied the Four Noble Truths since her early teen years.

Moving through struggles in her early adult life, she put this knowledge into practice, and her inquiry branched out to receive wisdom from teachers such as Thich Nhat Hanh and Deepak Chopra, as well as insight from Taoism, Zen and Yoga Philosophy.

Shae truly believes that all traditions are different pathways to the same truth of how we can live from a place of more freedom and deep love.