Chant and Be Happy with Kevin Yee

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Chant and Be Happy with Kevin Yee


2017 | October 1 | 09:00 - 14:00 

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Bhakti - the yoga of devotion - is known as the quickest way to connect to the divine. It is a practice that merges us with the intrinsic divinity that is always at hand. 

This workshop unveils the power of mantra and ways in which chanting is used to weave the subconscious, energetic, and physical bodies in union. In this space of connection, we sink deep into the waves of sound, which literally change our vibration. A powerful practice to heal, release, manifest... Bhakti opens the ways in which every movement becomes an opportunity for easeful, empowering action.

Move with divinity. Chant and be happy! 



Kevin practices and guides Writing, Music, Movement and Yogic Arts in ways that hone intuition and promote healing and growth from a place of integrity in all aspects of life.

He has been a conscious activist from an early age and has fused that with movement through a 10-year career as a ballet and modern dancer and a dedication to the art of yoga. His passion for expression of life through art has carried him around the world- dancing for companies such as Smuin Ballet, BalletX and Zhukov Dance Theatre in the USA as well as Stadttheater Bremerhaven in Germany, and most notably Ballet de l’Opéra National du Rhin in France.

Through yoga, his understanding of creation as a unifying force has unfurled amongst a vast array of teachers and modalities. As such, his practice fuses creative artistry with the wisdom of asana, bhakti, meditation, qigong and philosophy- all of which he has been fortunate to study in places steeped with lineage and tradition such as India, Bali and Myanmar. He is currently based in Bali though continues to share his offerings internationally.