Breath of Awakening with Geoff Brooks


Breath of Awakening with Geoff Brooks


2017 | August 15 | 13:00 - 15:30

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Transformational BreathWork is an Alchemic process which moves deep pockets of energy in order to allow the body’s self-healing mechanism to be stimulated.

This Psychophysical, yet inherently spiritual, process is formulated to sequentially open the primary Nadi’s (energy lines) and then clear the Chakras (energy centres). We then undergo a journey of rhythmic breath stimulation, prior to a nurturing and balancing finale.

By moving away from our deeply ingrained breath habits, you can experience an Invigorated sense of being, a deeper connection with the language of your body and enhanced physical and mental, clarity and calmness.

Move away from the deeply rooted stories of your experiences and open to the vast landscape of your being.



Geoff’s 25+ years of yogic experience started with Pranayama and Meditation. He learned from “old school” masters in techniques which are still not commonly found in the texts of today, as they were given traditionally, as yoga was for millennium - from teacher to student. Transformational Breath is an homage to his various teachers and is delivered in Geoff’s confidence inspiring, supportive and nurturing style.