Beyond Yin with Geoff Brooks


Beyond Yin with Geoff Brooks


2018 | March 18 | 13:00 - 15:30

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If Yin is designed to open and release deeper layers, what is the experience we will find Beyond Yin?

The next level of surrender occurs not from the physical level, nor from the energetic level. It occurs when these layers are released and the deeper, more subtle, energetics are stimulated in isolation of the outer physical sphere of muscle, of tissue, of organs.

You will move beyond the joint processes, beyond the bone marrow and into the levels of consciousness that bind these physical aspects of the body together. You'll dive behind the noise of the mind, under the awareness of language and description of sensation…

It is the essence of who you are. Spirit.

This immersive experience starts in a deep Yin practice and keeps diving, utilising breath, subtle bandha and meditative techniques in order to literally go beyond Yin, into yourself.



Geoff Brooks is a technical master of Yoga, learned from over 25+ years of movement-based arts; including influences from traditional & modern Yoga practices, martial arts and biomechanics. Geoff has the ability to read energy lines and blend the technical with an intention of creating the energy flow through the body – something that our modern lifestyles highly compromise.