Astro Constellations with Chris Roy


Astro Constellations with Chris Roy

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2017 | November 20 | 9:00 - 15:00

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Based on Family Constellations, this workshop is a chance to bring parts of your psyche to life in a safe, therapeutic space. Choose members of the group that resonate with your Sun (identity and goals), Moon (the feeling center), Saturn (blocks and limits) and more, as you take this rare chance to explore your psyche in 3D.

This potent work gives participants the chance to witness, explore, and ultimately heal deep patterns in life to become more healthy and whole.

4 places are available to those who wish to bring their own chart to life. (Unlimited places are available to all other participants to experience and witness the chart).

November 20 | 9:00 - 15:00 (one hour break 12 - 1pm)
Price: 1.000.000 IDR for those who wish to act out their own chart 550.000 IDR for all other participants


Meet Chris Roy - astrologer, healer, mix-tape lover. After spending 12 years exploring the power of astrology, Chris has developed his own Astrological Counselling as well as several different workshops. Using your unique Natal chart as the guide, Chris will work with you to delve into the patterns of your life, and unlock potential energy.

His approach is person-focused, following the basic principles of presence, deep listening, and facilitation of a clear therapeutic space. Chris is a student of the London Faculty of Astrology and has completed his Counseling Skills Certificate (MetaVision).