Aroma Alchemy with Joy Maziar


Aroma Alchemy with Joy Maziar


2019 | September 14 | 12:45 - 15:45

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If you love essential oils and are curious of the medicinal ways to use the ancient wisdom of plants, then this workshop is calling you.

Have you been wanting to become more holistic in your approach to naturally healing yourself? Have you wanted education on the essence of plants and how smell is the most predominant sense that can truly change your belief patterns?

To learn more about how to implement them into your daily life for health and overall transformation, then come join me for this special class! We will be going over essential oil foundations, how to safely and effectively use them in your home and on your body, for that alchemical shift and sooo much more!

Essential oils are holistic in nature, and can be used to encourage your naturopathic lifestyle. We will be going over key essential oil information, as well as experiencing first hand how to relax, revive, and recenter with the use of certain essential oils. Ending with a guided chakra meditation, this class will leave you feeling educated, balanced within, and more confident in using essential oils in all capacities of your life.



2019 | September 14 | 12:45 - 15:45



Joy is a conscious conduit for love and the divine, specializing in working with the fascia, trauma-release with highly conscious touch, as well as utilizing TCM methods of cupping to facilitate the movement of chi and blockage. She uses essential oils as medicine in all areas of her work and life and has an impeccable level of multi-faceted training, deep passion for her work and for activating transformation in each client.

She's been traveling and working in remote areas of the world bringing her healing modalities. She has been practicing the gifts of yoga for 10 years and
now has been teaching for many years. Reclaiming the gifts of emotional well
being and integration through this ancient practice of somatic yoga.