Armed with Balance with Kimberley Utama

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Kimberly 225 2.jpg

Armed with Balance with Kimberley Utama


2018 | July 16 | 12:45 - 15:45

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This workshop is for beginner and intermediate yoga practitioners who are looking to learn or improve a variety of arm balances. We will look at the basic foundations of poses that build the strength required for arm balances, whilst focusing on correct alignment - and of course - having fun.

Anyone that has been to Kimberley’s arm balance classes before will know they are fun, loud, sweaty, and an opportunity to laugh at yourself.

Come and face your fears!



Kimberley's connection to yoga started at Radiantly Alive, where she deepened her practice and expanded her knowledge of yoga in all its forms. Kimberley has completed a 200-hour YTT with Radiantly Alive, plus 200 & 300-hours Yoga Teacher Trainings with Les Leventhal. In her classes, you can expect to dive deep into self-enquiry and reflection, whilst reconnecting back to your true self. She strongly feels that yoga is for everyone regardless of age, level of proficiency, or physical fitness, and that most importantly - yoga is to have fun and surrender yourself to the journey.