Alchemic Yoga Stretches with Geoff Brooks

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Alchemic Yoga Stretches with Geoff Brooks


2018 | August 17 | 12:45 - 15:45

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Geoff is renowned with the gift of adjustments. In this workshop he shares the secrets of one of his favourite techniques.

You will work with others through a sequence of assists and adjustments designed to release tension in the body.

Specifically benefits and targets:

  • Tight hips and hamstrings
  • Back pain
  • Tight shoulders
  • Sore necks

This particular sequence of adjustments is borrowed and refined from a practice he learned from one of his teachers who specializes in Alchemic Yoga, derived from the ancient teachings, passed on through Tantric Buddhism.

This workshop is great for yoga teachers wanting to learn more about adjustments, therapists wanting to expand their knowledge, and especially good for couples who would like to nurture each other.

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Geoff Brooks is a technical master of Yoga, learned from over 25+ years of movement-based arts, including influences from traditional and modern Yoga practices, martial arts and biomechanics.

Geoff has the ability to read energy lines and blend the technical with an intention of creating energy flow through the body – something that our modern lifestyles highly compromise.