The experience

This training is going to change your life.

And I’m not just talking about deepening your practice or giving you the skill you need to teach. Those things WILL change.  

I’m talking about the BIG stuff.

  • How you see yourself in the world.
  • How you value yourself.
  • What your purpose is…
  • And so much more…..

Then, 2e’re going to take all those revelations, all those discoveries about your self and the world and transform you into an amazing RA Vinyasa teacher!

Because, think about it. Honestly.

What makes an amazing yoga teacher?

Is it someone who can balance on their fingertips while reciting yoga philosophy? No. It’s someone who is REAL.

  • Someone who can hold space for others.
  • Who is vulnerable.
  • Who is authentic.
  • Someone who has gone DEEP within themselves so they can inspire others to go on the same journey.

You’ll never look at a Vinaysa Flow class the same way again.

You’ll learn from amazing RA studio teachers and our world-class, international faculty.

You'll learn how to move the body with breath in a way that makes sense.

And of course, all the technical foundations that make a great teacher:

  • Anatomy
  • Alignment
  • Adjustment
  • Philosophy

On top of all that….

You’re going to put all these new discoveries, skills, and techniques into practice.

You’ll get very comfortable with your fellow trainees as you begin to teach them how to move their bodies through space.

And they will teach you.

Through all that transformation, learning, and teaching, you will become very close with your fellow trainees. 


You will make lifelong bonds that transcend friendship; you will become family for life. 

You will join a community that extends far beyond the confines of your training and the studio, but rather to Radiantly Alive teachers and friends around the globe.