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Welcome, I'm Jasmine!

Three years ago, I was just like you. Browsing the web... thinking of doing a teacher training... looking for a CHANGE... for that next step in my life...

Many of you may relate when I say I felt STUCK. I was dissatisfied with my career - to where life was leading me - even though in the eyes of everyone around me I was "successfully climbing the corporate ladder.” I just felt deep inside of me there had to be MORE to life.

I was determined to find out...

... and found Radiantly Alive's Yoga Teacher Training. A Yoga Training that offered a transformational experience of diving deep into the practice and one self - and not enough: it was offered in the heart of one of the yoga meccas of the world - Ubud, Bali.

When I signed up, I didn’t know if I even wanted to be a teacher, though I did know that there was something there for me, I could feel it. Yoga had already given me a sense of it’s power, and I was ready to go further.

What followed was a journey that to this day continues to surprise me, because it goes beyond my wildest dreams:

  • From having a busy city life in Lima, Peru to living in amazing Bali...
  • From climbing the corporate ladder, jumping from job to job, to living the full-on yogi lifestyle and actually owning a yoga studio - Radiantly Alive
  • From feeling there had to be more to life, to realising that we ourselves have the power to manifest what our heart truly desires...

I want the same for you. You might not move to Bali - though, never say never - but I promise you, once you finish the training, things will shift.

Now, close your eyes.... take a deep breath in... and imagine, just for a moment, that every single aspect of your life is exactly as you wanted it to be. How does that look like? Picture yourself spending a month on the beautiful island of Bali, exploring your body and yourself, discovering yourself anew, getting ready to manifest whatever your heart desires...

I promise you, anything is possible!

As I now watch others embark on their own journeys after our teacher trainings, I see first hand that my own experience is not uncommon. Going deep into the practice, and stepping up to who they really are, I have witnessed so many incredible evolutions in people from all over the world. It would be an honour to witness yours as well.

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2018 | July 7 - August 2
2018 | October 8 – November 3

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2018 | July 7 - August 5

*more dates available

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