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Yoga involves the use of the physical body, and as such includes some risk of injury. I hereby take responsibility for my own health and well-being. Consulting a physician before undertaking any new physical regime is advisable. I agree to tell my yoga teacher(s) of any specific conditions that could affect my participation so that they may better assist me in caring for myself. I participate in yoga classes voluntarily and release Radiantly Alive and/or any of their associates from any responsibility of liability. Any injury incurred at Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio is my responsibility and blame or legal action shall not be directed to anyone else. I hereby give consent for Radiantly Alive to take and use images (photographs and videotape) or sound recordings of me in any public media, including radio, television, internet, or print. I understand that the intended use of such images and information may be used for advertising, marketing, fundraising, or promotional purposes of Radiantly Alive. I acknowledge that this consent is being given solely to the benefit of Radiantly Alive and without any expectation of compensation or other benefit to me.